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Title: Patrick Mc Givern (UoW)
Making Sense of Phenomenal Scale

Many concepts of scale are employed in science. Scale can be associated  
with theories and models, with measurements, observations, and data, and  
with objects and phenomena themselves. In this paper, I examine these  
latter concepts of scale, where scale is associated directly with phenomena  
rather than being understood in terms of the way phenomena are observed,  
described or investigated. While there are various ways of clarifying what  
it means to observe a phenomenon on a particular temporal or spatial scale,  
it is less clear what it means for a phenomenon to occur on one scale  
rather than another. Drawing on discussions of scale in ecology, I  
distinguish between a variety of attitudes toward scale in this  
‘phenomenal’ sense, ranging from eliminitivism (which holds that scale  
should only be associated with observation, description and the like, and  
not with phenomena themselves) to realism (which holds that phenomenal  
scale should be understood independently of observation). I then assess the  
prospects for realist views of phenomenal scale.
When: Wed 11 Sep 2019 15:30 – 17:00 Eastern Australia Time - Sydney
Calendar: Seminars
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