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Subject: CogSci Seminar TOMORROW, Ruby Lipson-Smith, 12-1, 3.610
Hi all
Just a reminder about this extra seminar tomorrow (details below). Should be a good one! There will be pizza!

Dr Celia B. Harris


We will also have a seminar next week (Wednesday 19th June) presented by Ruby Lipson-Smith (Florey Institute and University of Melbourne).

The talk will be at 12-1pm in theMarri Meeting Room (3.610), Level 3, Australian Hearing Hub.Pizzas will be provided following the seminars. Details of their talks are below.

Ruby Lipson-Smith (Florey Institute and University of Melbourne)

Title: The role of the physical setting in human behaviour and brain repair

Abstract: How do your surroundings influence how you feel, think, and behave? The physical setting is an often forgotten variable, but it can have a very real impact on our general health and well-being. There are several theories of human-environment interaction, which can be applied in many areas of psychology, including brain repair. One example that illustrates this interaction, is the relationship between inpatient rehabilitation facilities and cognitive and physical rehabilitation post stroke. Rehabilitation facilities are healthcare environments, but they must also promote patients’ autonomy and provide a setting for learning. The interaction between humans and their environment is multifaceted and difficult to measure. Still, systematic observation of behaviour can reveal a great deal, and some recently advances in technology – such as real-time location systems (RTLS), Virtual Reality, and mobile EEG – may help us to further quantify how the environment impacts our brain and behaviour. Environmental psychologists can use this knowledge to produce concrete recommendations for land management, urban planning, and architecture, which may help to solve a wide variety of problems in human behaviour, cognition, and health.

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