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In the media:
'Just a female doctor': women surgeons battle 'worthless' biases
A study on gender bias in surgery by CAVE member Dr Katrina Hutchison was featured in the Sydney Morning Herald. Forty-eight women fellows and trainees of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons took part in a series of in-depth interviews for a study on gender biases that 'disparage motherhood, erode their credibility, objectify their bodies and shoehorn them into stereotypical “empathetic” roles (and high heels)'.
Read the full article here: https://protect-au.mimecast.com/s/2-MmC1WZXriWgjQzuLSYpB?domain=smh.com.au

Election fatigue and what to do about it
Many voters may be experiencing election fatigue, a sense of apathy or disengagement with the Australian voting process, writes A/Prof Robert Sinnerbrink in The Lighthouse (Macquarie University).
Read the full article here: https://lighthouse.mq.edu.au/article/may-2019/Election-fatigue-and-what-to-do-about-it?fbclid=IwAR29_8EQ_WblEkxf5SrQo3YT-x5MemQ23TLI2RZVZyO4bmU2_MWcxN5Z48k

Ten ethical flaws in the Caster Semenya decision on intersex in sport
CAVE advisory board member Prof Julian Savulescu critiques the decision of the Court of Arbitration in Sport requiring runner Caster Semenya to lower her testosterone levels in order to compete.
Read the full article here: http://theconversation.com/ten-ethical-flaws-in-the-caster-semenya-decision-on-intersex-in-sport-116448

Upcoming events:
CAVE Workshop on Dementia Care: Moral Theory and Practical Challenges
This two-day interdisciplinary workshop aims to bring together scholars from different fields of research such as philosophy and applied ethics, legal studies, clinical medicine, and cognitive sciences to discuss various topics on how moral theories deal with practical challenges in the context of dementia care.
When: 29-30 May 2019
Where: Theatre 102, MGSM (99 Talavera Rd), Macquarie University
Registration is free and all are welcome, but places are limited. Please message hojjat.soofi at hdr.mq.edu.au to register.

CAVE Seminar: Prof Christian B. Miller (Wake Forest University)
Title: “Honesty: Some Preliminary Thoughts about a Stunningly Neglected Virtue.”
Abstract: Some moral virtues have received a lot of attention from philosophers, but honesty is not one of them. Indeed, as far as I can tell there has only been one paper on honesty in a philosophy journal in the past 50 years. So my goal here is to offer a preliminary account of honesty, focusing on the scope of the virtue, the kind of behavior to which it gives rise, and the motivational profile of an honest person. Central to my approach will be the idea that the honest person does not intentionally distort the facts as she takes them to be.
When: 3pm to 5pm; Tuesday, 04 June 2019
Where: 12Second Way (Room 315), Macquarie University
All welcome, no registration required.

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