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Title: Patrick Dawson
Hard Presentism: why denying past truth is a viable option for presentists.

Presentists do not believe that the past or the future exist. Presentists  
generally do believe, however, that one can make true statements about the  
past, and perhaps about the future. A great many attempts have been made to  
establish some system of presentist truthmaking that allows for past  
truths, even though no past exists to ground them. These attempts have been  
criticised heavily, since they often commit presentists to all sorts of  
unhappy ontological commitments or unintuitive truthmaking principles. This  
talk, which is based on an forthcoming paper, investigates whether  
presentists might do better by just denying that there are any past truths  
at all. While this approach has its challenges, I outline how an  
appropriate system of physics could explain why there still seems to be  
truths about the past, at least on the macroscopic scale. I finish by  
considering how this new theory of "hard" presentism might be defended  
against other objections to presentism, such as the objection from  
When: Thu 9 May 2019 15:00 – 16:30 Eastern Australia Time - Sydney
Calendar: Current Projects
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