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Title: Jun-Hyeok Kwak

Title: "A Reappraisal of Tianxia (All under Heaven) with Non-domination"
Abstract: Within the confines of Chinese political philosophy, Tianxia (All  
under Heaven) has frequently been regarded as an alternative to Eurocentric  
international relations. Currently, more and more Chinese intellectuals  
have written about Tianxia as a way of overcoming world problems that have  
been situated in the very nature of the nation-state system since the  
Westphalian treaties. This paper tackles the Chinese-style cosmopolitanism  
that is a currently dominant view among those ideas espoused by the  
traditional notion of Tianxia. Specifically, this paper is composed of  
three main parts. First, examining the Chinese-style cosmopolitanism driven  
by the reinterpretation of Tianxia, I claim that it retains the very  
fallacy that can be found from Sino-centrism that fails to provide us with  
a regulative principle that can guide democratic deliberation between  
countries. Second, analyzing the notions of Tianxia in the other countries  
surrounding China, I explore a conception of non-domination in which all  
countries are placed on an equal footing without any center. Finally, I  
will suggest reciprocal non-domination as a regulative principle under  
which we can establish a discursive stance without a central hegemon among  
states, placing the periphery notion of Tianxia into the contemporary  
debate about global justice.
Short-bio: KWAK Jun-Hyeok is 100 Talented Professor of Philosophy (Zhuhai)  
at Sun Yat-sen University in China. He received his PhD from the University  
of Chicago in 2002. Before joining Sun Yat-sen University in 2016, he  
taught at various universities including Korea University, Kyungpook  
National University, University of Bologna, and the University of Chicago.  
His research interests lie at the crossroads of political philosophy from  
Socrates to Machiavelli and contemporary sociopolitical theories. He has  
published numerous articles on Machiavelli, republicanism, patriotism, and  
global justice in various languages, including “Republican Patriotism and  
Machiavelli’s Patriotism” (Australian Journal of Political Science, 2017).  
He is currently serving as the General Editor of the Routledge Series,  
Political Theories in East Asian Context.
When: Thu 21 Mar 2019 15:00 – 16:30 Eastern Australia Time - Sydney
Where: The Muniment Room, Main quad
Calendar: Current Projects
     * Kristie Miller- creator

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