[SydPhil] Seminar: Millicent Churcher, Designing for Epistemic Justice, 13 March 2019

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Philosophy @ Western Sydney – Seminar

Millicent Churcher (The University of Sydney)—“Designing for Epistemic Justice”

This paper has two main aims: first, it seeks to offer a fuller picture of the workings of affect in our everyday epistemic practices; second, it seeks to elaborate on the role of institutions and institutional reforms in both perpetuating and meliorating patterns of ‘epistemic injustice’ (Fricker 2007) by strengthening or weakening affective dynamics that undermine virtuous epistemic agency. The growing literature on epistemic injustice has tended to overlook the cluster of affects that strongly influence our epistemic practices, and on the norms of emotional management that help to keep noxious epistemic practices in place. At the same time, the role of institutional arrangements and policies in reinforcing, modifying, and challenging affective dynamics that bear on patterns of collective epistemic agency has received marginal attention in favour of a purely individualistic or purely structural approach to achieving epistemic justice. This paper brings work in institutional theory, social imaginary studies, and newer research on affect and embodiment into conversation with epistemic (in)justice scholarship with the aim of developing a deeper understanding of the resources for, and barriers to, designing for epistemic justice.

Millicent Churcher is a postdoctoral research associate in philosophy at the University of Sydney. Her main areas of research comprise early modern sentimentalist philosophy and contemporary social and political philosophy. Millicent’s latest research project examines the relationship between imaginaries, affect, institutions and social justice, particularly in relation to sexual, racial, and settler colonial violence. Her book, Reimagining Sympathy, Recognizing Difference: Insights from Adam Smith, will be released with Rowman and Littlefield International in 2019.

Date/Time: Wednesday 13 March 2019, 3.30 pm - 5.00 pm– All Welcome
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