[SydPhil] CONFERENCE: 'Naturalism and Sociality', UNSW Sydney, February 14-15, 2019

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The 2nd biannual conference of the Australian Hegel Society (https://protect-au.mimecast.com/s/eMI1C5QZ29FP03wJIz1Jk1?domain=australianhegelsociety.com), in collaboration with the Marie Curie Project ‘Naturalism in Classical German Philosophy’ (https://protect-au.mimecast.com/s/6zF-C6X13Rt6o7ZNF6Fz-G?domain=cordis.europa.eu)

February 14-15, 2019, UNSW Sydney

Venue: Room G6, Ground Floor, Morven Brown Building, UNSW Sydney, Kensington

Thursday February 14

9.00                 Welcome

9.15-10.15       Presidential Address

Paul Redding (Sydney): ‘Problems with Generalising the Category of Nature: Idealism as an Actualist Rather than Naturalist Philosophy’

10.15-10.30     Break

10.30-11.15     Italo Testa (Parma): ‘Are We Creatures of Habit? Some Pragmatist Approaches’

11.15-12.00     Richard Menary (Macquarie): ‘Enculturating Social Cognition'

12.00-13.00     Lunch

13.00-13.45     Guido Seddone (Parma): ‘The Dialectics of Self-Conscious Life and the Constitution of Social Practices: Life, Concept and History in Hegel’s Logic’

13.45-14.30     Matthias Kettner (Witten/Herdecker): ‘Hegel’s Concept of Sittlichkeit. It's Theoretical Status, Normative Force, and Explanatory Power’

14.30-15.00     Tea

15.00-15.45     Douglas Moggach (Ottawa): ‘Teleology and Causality—Idealist Critiques of Mechanistic Materialism’

15.45-17.15     Early Career Researchers Session

Onni Hirvonen (Jyväskylä): ‘“Two don’t make a spirit” – How to Collectivize the Master-Slave Dialectics’

Matthew Abbott (Federation University): ‘Art, Evolution, and the Issue of the Display—Towards a Problematic Naturalism’

Lucian Ionel (Freiburg): ‘Self-Consciousness as a Living Kind’

17.15-18.00     Simon Lumsden (UNSW): ‘The Problem of Nature in Hegel’s Philosophy of Right’

18.00               Meeting of the AHS

Friday February 15

9.15-10.00       Diego Bubbio (WSU): ‘Hegel—From the I to the Spirit’

10.00-11.00     Keynote address

Rocío Zambrana (Oregon): ‘Bad Habits: Idleness, Critique, Interruption in Hegel’

11.00-11.30     Break

11.30-12.15     David MacArthur (Sydney): ‘Cavell on Naturalism and Sociality’

12.15-13.00     Cathy Legg (Deakin): ‘Sociality and Truth: A Peircean Pragmatist Perspective’

13.00-14.00     Lunch

14.00-14.45     Nicholas H. Smith (Macquarie): ‘Taylor and Liberal Naturalism’

14.45-16.15     Early Career Researchers Session

                        Giovanna Luciano (Padua/WSU): ‘Philosophical Work in Hegel’s Encyclopaedia’

                        Joshua O’Rourke (UNSW): ‘Naturalism and Hegel’s Philosophy of Religion’

                        Loughlin Gleeson (UNSW): ‘Sittlichkeit, Nature and Freedom’

16.15-16.30     Break

16.30-17.15     Jean-Philippe Deranty (Macquarie): ‘Types of Relationality in Hegel’s Theory of Concrete Freedom’

17.15-18.00     Heikki Ikäheimo (UNSW): ‘Hegel and Liberal Naturalism’

This conference has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Sklodowska-Curie agreement No 704127. The conference is hosted by UNSW Sydney, School of Humanities and Languages.


The map of the UNSW main campus in Kensington where the conference takes place (C20 on the map): http://fmtoolbox.unsw.edu.au/comms/KensingtonCampus.pdf

Information about traveling to the campus:https://www.futurestudents.unsw.edu.au/getting-unsw




Free admission, but if you plan to attend, please notify AHS by email for catering purposes: theaustralianhegelsociety at gmail.com<mailto:theaustralianhegelsociety at gmail.com>

Heikki Ikäheimo
Senior lecturer
School of Humanities and Languages/Philosophy
UNSW Sydney
Sydney, NSW 2052

Email: h.ikaheimo at unsw.edu.au<mailto:heikki.ikaheimo at mq.edu.au>
Editor of Journal of Social Ontology: www.degruyter.com/view/j/jso<https://protect-au.mimecast.com/s/C-zhC0YZWVFX2QYxI3pqBI?domain=degruyter.com>
Executive Board Member of the Australian Hegel Society

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