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Title: David Shoemaker
“Hurt Feelings.”

In introducing the reactive attitudes “of people directly involved in  
transactions with each other,” P.F. Strawson lists “gratitude, resentment,  
forgiveness, love, and hurt feelings." Because he decided to illustrate his  
larger points about responsibility by focusing on resentment (via an  
investigation into its standard excusing and exempting conditions), nearly  
everyone writing about responsibility in Strawson’s wake has done so as  
well. But what of the remaining reactive attitudes? While many have written  
about gratitude, forgiveness, and love, hurt feelings is a lonely outlier,  
with nary a single philosophical paper on it. This puzzling elision is made  
more puzzling by the fact that, as I intend to argue, considering it  
carefully has very significant implications for our theorizing about  
responsibility. Indeed, it may well reveal a stark methodological divide in  
the field. I will begin by developing a psychologically-informed  
understanding of the nature of hurt feelings, and then I will explore their  
excusing and exempting conditions, a la Strawson. To account for them in a  
theory of responsibility will, as we shall see, require a dramatically  
different approach than any that have thus far been offered.

When: Thu 13 Dec 2018 15:00 – 16:30 Eastern Australia Time - Sydney
Calendar: Current Projects
     * Kristie Miller- creator

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