[SydPhil] MQ Work in Progress Seminar, Millicent Churcher, Tue Oct 30, 1-2pm, W3A Blackshield

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Thu Oct 25 19:13:02 AEDT 2018

*Reimagining Sexual Ethics: Consent, Honour, and the Heterosexual Imaginary*

Millicent Churcher, Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Sydney

When: Tues Oct 30, 1-2 pm

Where: Blackshield Room

This paper explores the relationship between consent, honour, and
recognition in the context of normative heterosexuality. Building on recent
productive attempts to move beyond a narrow and restrictive focus on
consent as a means of thinking through the ethics of heterosexual sex, the
paper reflects critically on the concepts of mutual recognition and honour
in this context. In particular, it examines how honour is distributed by
heterosexual imaginaries in ways that privilege men in the sexual
encounter, and argues that part of cultivating ethical heterosexual
relations is to imagine a sexual honour code where both men and women see
themselves, and are seen by their counterpart, as entitled to sexual

To conclude, the paper examines and defends the cultivation of ethical,
just, and honourable heterosexual relations as a necessarily embodied,
intersubjective, and imaginative endeavor that involves challenges to, and
shifts within, multiple imaginaries and (in)sensibilities that cluster to
support damaging norms of sexual conduct.

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