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> *Why Conscience Can Be Mistaken: Baumgarten contra Kant*
> *Toshiro Osawa*
> When: Tues Oct 23, 1-2 pm
> Where: Blackshield Room
> This paper examines the validity of Kant’s claim that conscience cannot be
> mistaken (and that there is no duty to have conscience) by assessing the
> opposite claim by Alexander Gottlieb Baumgarten, Kant’s direct predecessor,
> against which Kant structures his argument. Behind Kant’s claim is his
> assumption that a rational being immediately and spontaneously knows
> whether an action she intends to undertake is good or bad and that this
> knowledge is infallible. But how can this argument be defended, if we
> consider cases where, for example, people seem to have no conflict of
> conscience when recommending us to live in Tokyo located roughly 250
> kilometres (about the same distance between Sydney and Canberra) away from
> Fukushima, the site of the nuclear disaster? In this paper, I argue for
> Baumgarten’s claim about an erring conscience and contend that we must
> develop our acute awareness of unwelcome situations where it is our duty to
> have conscience, precisely because conscience is prone to mistakes. I also
> argue that a person must have the knowledge, even the faintest, of the
> consequence(s) of an action that she intends to undertake to have any
> conscience at all.
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