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Richard Menary richard.menary at mq.edu.au
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Dear All,

This is not a workshop run by the Philosophy department at Macquarie. We have heard nothing about it and I don’t know who the purported organiser is. She is not an employee of the University. I would be very careful about handing over ‘voluntary contributions’.
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On 2 Oct 2018, at 10:50 pm, Marcia Pinheiro <mrpprofessional at yahoo.com<mailto:mrpprofessional at yahoo.com>> wrote:

There will be a workshop on Logic at the Macquarie University on the last weekend of October.

Interested peers must send an e-mail to mrpprofessional at yahoo.com<mailto:mrpprofessional at yahoo.com> with title of the proposed presentation, and abstract.

Voluntary donation of AU$ 50, but submissions will not attract any fees.

Dr. Marcia R Pinheiro

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