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From: Kirk Olsen
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Subject: Next CEPET Colloquium: October 2, 2:30-3:30pm, Hearing Hub, Level 3, Room 3.610

Dear CEPET Members and Friends,
Please find below details of our next colloquium to be held on Tuesday October 2 at Macquarie University’s Hearing Hub. CEPET members Dr Kath Bicknell and Prof John Sutton are hosting A/Prof Susanne Ravn from Denmark and we are delighted that Susanne has made time to speak about her research.
Macquarie Uni, Australian Hearing Hub, Level 3, Room 3.610 (Dept Cognitive Science main seminar room), Tues Oct 2, 2.30-3.30pm.

For more information, see details below or visit the CEPET events website by clicking here<https://www.mq.edu.au/research/research-centres-groups-and-facilities/healthy-people/centres/centre-for-elite-performance-expertise-and-training/news-and-events/events/events/2017-Colloquia-Series>.

See you then!
Centre for Elite Performance, Expertise and Training (CEPET)


Centre for Elite Performance, Expertise, and Training (CEPET) 2018 Colloquia Series
Associate Professor Susanne Ravn, University of Southern Denmark

Susanne Ravn is Associate Professor and Head of the research unit ‘Body, Culture and Society’ at the Department of Sports Science, University of Southern Denmark. Her doctoral work (2008) focuses on the phenomenological approaches to skilled movement in dance practice. She has published widely on the phenomenology of dance, the phenomenology of sport & learning performances and on research methodologies – especially on the integration of qualitative research methodologies into phenomenological analysis, and. She has also been the leading investigator on several funded research projects on topics such as dance practice and skilled performance in sport. Click here to read more about A/Prof Ravn's research.<https://protect-au.mimecast.com/s/5U1gCyoNVrcn5RDLSZvieK?domain=findresearcher.sdu.dk>

  *   Title: Improvisation and sense of agency: The case of dancers
  *   Where: Room 3.610, Level 3, Hearing Hub Building, Macquarie University
  *   When: Tuesday October 2, 2018
  *   Time: 2:30-3:30pm
  *   Enquiries: Kirk Olsen (kirk.olsen at mq.edu.au<mailto:kirk.olsen at mq.edu.au>)
  *   Abstract: In accordance with current dance scholars and phenomenologists discussing the non-static context which in different degrees characterize the live performance, this paper is grounded in the argument that we should think of any dance as improvised - albeit in different ways and degrees (Bresnahan 2014; Benson 2003). At the same time, however, we should also recognize that for decades dancers have emphasized that their experiences of engaging deliberately in improvisation are very different compared to performing in a choreographed piece (e.g. De Spain 2014; Albright and Gere 2003). Thus, the aim of this paper is to phenomenologically investigate the deliberate practices of improvising in dance. On a methodological level I contend that the best way to understand the experiences – and the mind – of the athlete or artist is to pair an empirical, ethnographic, interview-based direct encounter with him or her, with a phenomenological and/or enactive theoretical perspective that takes the integrity of the first-person perspective as a seriously first step for a phenomenological analysis (e.g. Ravn and Høffding, 2017). On this empirical foundation, I argue that expert improvisers are masters of certain oscillations of their intentionality and sense of agency (Ravn 2016, 2018) and that enactivism (Di Paolo, Buhrmann and Barandiaran 2017; Gallagher 2017) helps us to understand the transition of a sense of personal agency to an interactive and processual sense of agency. In a wider phenomenological perspective, I suggest that expert improvisers in dance thereby help us understand the way in which the mind can be present in movement.


Dr. Kirk N. Olsen

Postdoctoral Researcher and Web Developer, Department of Psychology, Faculty of Human Sciences
Associate Member & Centre Manager: Research & Engagement, Centre for Elite Performance, Expertise & Training
Lab Manager, Music, Sound & Performance Research Group
Macquarie University, NSW 2109, Sydney, Australia
Room: Hearing Hub, 3.410
Phone: +61 2 9850 9430
Web: https://protect-au.mimecast.com/s/OJZ-CzvOWKiLoAD4cXf1BD?domain=kirkolsen.weebly.com

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