[SydPhil] MQ Work in Progress Seminar Rongnan Zhang, Tue Aug 14, 1-2, Blackshield

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Wed Aug 8 14:56:49 AEST 2018

*Gender Autonomy, Obligation to Care and Social Justice*

*Rongnan Zhang*

When: Tue, Aug 14, 1-2pm
Where: Blackshield Room

There is currently a debate in China about whether the growing trend for
Chinese urban women to leave the workforce and return to their families
constitutes an autonomous choice, given that some women’s choices are
shaped by restrictive social structures and by newly emerging social
ideologies. Drawing on feminists’ conceptualization of relational autonomy,
the article highlights the close relationship between women’s autonomy and
social justice. In order to refute to a conservative neo-Confucian
standpoint on the role of modern Chinese women, the article proposes a new
interpretation of Confucian ethics which takes gender autonomy as a
derivative good for social harmony and welfare. Therefore it argues that
for both Confucians and feminists who value relationships, the goal of
creating a caring society need not be contradictory with the pursuit of
social justice and gender autonomy. On the contrary, these values should be
realized collaboratively.

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