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Conference Announcement

Rethinking Autonomy
10-11 September, 2018
CCANESA Board Room, Madsen Building (F09), University of Sydney

This workshop will explore a variety of non-Kantian conceptions of autonomy that consider affect and emotional responsiveness as constitutive elements in self-determining agency. To put into perspective the specific way in which deliberation and reflection matter to autonomous agency, we will ask to what extent these capacities are in themselves dependent on the existence of a specific set of emotional dispositions. While the focus of the workshop is put on the early modern context where the Cartesian conception of the self as a thinking thing provides the backdrop for discussions on autonomy, we will branch out from here to investigate the perspective of eighteenth-century female philosophers and their ideas on what it means to be a self-realizing thinker and agent. What is of particular interest in this context is the question of how education can be used to become a “thinking thing” that satisfies the demands of self-realization. This theme complex leads over to reflections on the place of autonomously thinking individuals in civil society and their relationship to autonomy-inhibiting governmental practices.

Confirmed speakers:

  *   Peter Anstey (Sydney)
  *   Jacqueline Broad (Monash)
  *   Deborah Brown (University of Queensland)
  *   Stephen Gaukroger (Sydney)
  *   Moira Gatens (Sydney)
  *   Catriona Mackenzie (Macquarie)
  *   Lisa Shapiro (Simon Fraser)
  *   Ariane Schneck (Humboldt)
  *   Anik Waldow (Sydney)

All welcome, no registration.

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