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Subject: Markus Symposium

György Márkus Memorial Symposium
György Márkus came to Sydney in 1978 and from that time was known as ‘George’. He had already taught in Hungary for over twenty years and had been a leading member of the so-called Budapest School that had formed around the great Marxist thinker György Lukácsduring the early sixties. The Budapest School sought to develop a ‘humanist socialism’: the renaissance of an authentic Marx in both theory and praxis. After participating in an international protest against the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968, this group increasingly came into conflict with the Kadar regime and most were ultimately dismissed from their academic positions. During his time in Hungary,Márkus had already taught a whole generation of philosophers that were to become the major thinkers of the post-communist period. In Sydney, George very quickly established himself as a towering philosophical figure: a rare combination of conceptual rigor and an unmatched knowledge of the history of philosophy. Rather than concentrate on analytical philosophy, which had previously been his specialty, he taught a wide range of courses, which encompassed German Idealism, Marxism, philosophy of history, 17thcentury rationalism and modern political philosophy. Many of his students went on to successful careers in Australia and overseas. Following George’s retirement in 1998, he continued to live and work in Sydney until his death on the 5thOctober 2016.
   A symposium will be held to commemorate George Márkus’life in Sydney and to celebrate his philosophical achievements. All those who share George’s wide interests in the history of philosophy and critical theory are warmly invited to attend. 
Date: Friday5thOctober 2018
Place:Sydney Teacher’s College Room 436, Manning Road, University of
Sydney Campus
Time: 9.30am-5.00 pm
Provisional Program
All papers will be 20 to 30 minutes with 10 minutes for discussion.
Opened by John Grumley with a short address by George’s son Andras Márkus .
Morning session 
9.50 am  
Emeritus Prof. Paul Redding (Philosophy, University of Sydney) 
Being the Rope in a Tug of War: Markus and Rorty as Readers of Hegel in the 70ies and 80ies
10.30 am 
Assoc. Prof. Paul Jones (Research School, ANU)
Markus and the Retrieval of the Sociological Adorno
11.10 am Morning Tea (coffee, tea and pastries)
11.30 am         Visiting Professorial Fellow Arthur Glass (Law, UNSW)
            Markus on Legal Reasoning
 12.10 am       Assoc. Prof. John Grumley (Philosophy,University of Sydney)
                     The Road Not Taken: Markus On Habermas
Break for Lunch 12.50 to 2.20 pm 
Afternoon session
2.20 pm 
 Dr Harriet Johnson (Philosophy, University of Sydney)
 Markus on the End of Art
3.00 pm 
Assoc. Prof. Robert Sinnerbrink (Philosophy, Macquarie University) 
  A Philosophy of Cultural Modernity: On Markus’s Aesthetics
 3.40 pm 
Prof. Vrasidas, Karalis. (Dept of Greek, University of Sydney) Culture, Language and their Ontological Grounding in the work of Gyorgy Markus 
 4.20 pm  
 Dr James Dorahy (Philosophy, University of Sydney)
What is the Question to which Cultural Pragmatics is the Answer? Western Marxism, Ideology Critique and the Commodity
Session closes 5.00 pm
Dinner in Newtown at 6 pm <>
Please contact John (John.Grumley at sydney.edu.au <mailto:John.Grumley at sydney.edu.au> or mobile 0411214199)  if you would like to attend dinner. 

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