[SydPhil] Seminar: Bernardo Ainbinder, Ways of Being and Form of Life, 28 March 2018

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Philosophy @ Western Sydney – Seminar

Bernardo Ainbinder  (Diego Portales University, Chile)—“Ways of Being and Form of Life”

IThe precise meaning of the expression "way of being" in Heidegger has raised an interesting discussion (McDaniel 2009, 2012, Boeneker 2005, Hartmann 1972, Golob 2014, Dos Reis 2015). The Ways-of-Being (WOB) debate is mainly focused on two questions: (1) Is the distinction between modes of being a metaphysical distinction, so that everything that has a way of being is numerically different from everything that has another? And (2) does the question about ways of being coincide with the question about the way in which the entity is apprehended or conceptualized?

Bernardo Ainbinder is Lecturer at the Institute for Humanities, Diego Portales University, Chile, since 2015. He is currently a Visiting Fellow at the School of Humanities and Social Inquiry, University of Wollongong and the President of the Iberoamerican Heidegger Society (SIEH). He was previously Postdoctoral Fellow and Junior Researcher at the National Council for Scientific Research (Conicet), Argentina, and Visiting Researcher (2012-2014) at the Center for Subjectivity Research, University of Copenhagen, Denmark. His research interests are Neokantianism and Phenomenology and their import for contemporary discussions in philosophy of mind and philosophy of action.

Date/Time: Wednesday 28 March 2018, 3.30 pm - 5.00 pm – All Welcome
Place: University of Western Sydney, Bankstown Campus, Building 3, Room 3.G.54 [How to get to Bankstown Campus]<http://www.uws.edu.au/campuses_structure/cas/campuses/bankstown>

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