[SydPhil] Jared Medina (Delaware), 'The Cognitive Neuropsychology of Body Representations', Macquarie Uni, Nov 23, 11am

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Mon Nov 6 17:11:13 AEDT 2017

CEPET colloquium series.

Contact/ enquiries Kirk Olsen, kirk.olsen at mq.edu.au

  *   Title: The cognitive neuropsychology of body representations
  *   Where: Room 3.610, Level 3, Hearing Hub Building, Macquarie University
  *   When: Thursday November 23, 2017
  *   Time: 11:00am - 12:00pm
  *   RSVP: Kirk Olsen (kirk.olsen at mq.edu.au)
  *   Abstract: Individuals with impairments after amputation (phantom limbs) and brain damage have contributed to the concept of a “body schema” – an online, multisensory representation of the body in space. While the concept of the body schema has been of some heuristic value, its utility is limited by a lack of specificity. To that effect, we have proposed a new account of sensorimotor body representation – dissociating the traditional “body schema” into different subsystems. In this talk, I will discuss how evidence from individuals with brain damage can contribute to a greater understanding of how we represent the body in space. First, I will discuss how evidence from both behavioral testing and functional neuroimaging with brain-damaged individuals provides insight into plasticity and tactile localization. Next, I will use evidence from individuals with tactile and crossmodal synchiria to understand the role of interhemispheric inhibition in representing stimuli on and around the body. Finally, I will present evidence from novel illusions using a mirror box to demonstrate how stored body representations influence both multisensory integration and our sense of embodiment.
  *   Jared Medina is an Assistant Professor in the Psychological and Brain Science department at the University of Delaware.  He received his PhD from Johns Hopkins University in 2006 working under Brenda Rapp, and was a postdoctoral fellow with H. Branch Coslett at the University of Pennsylvania. His research is focused on how the brain represents the body and space around us, using evidence from cognitive neuropsychology, brain stimulation (TMS), functional neuroimaging, and behavioral studies with neurologically-intact individuals.






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