[SydPhil] MQ Philosophy Seminar on Tuesday the 22nd of August: William Hebblewhite (MQ)

Adam Hochman adam.hochman at mq.edu.au
Fri Aug 18 15:27:18 AEST 2017

Rainer Forst’s Critical Theory of Justice 

William Hebblewhite (MQ)

Date: Tuesday, 22nd of August
Time: 13:00 - 14:00
Venue: W3A 501 (Blackshield room), Macquarie University

All welcome

Abstract: This paper reconstructs Forst’s critical theory of justice with the aim of articulating a particular tension that erupts between his conception of power, and the right to justification which underpins his philosophical position. It begins with an overview of Iris Marion Young’s own attempt to develop a critical theory of justice, which Forst takes as a major inspiration for his own work.  The main body of this paper serves as a critical introduction to Rainer Forst’s contribution to political theory, specifically his original account of power as noumenal. Through a critical analysis of Forst’s account of power I want to question how “critical” Forst’s project can be shown to be. I argue that at the heart of Forst’s position is a tension between his account of power and his assertion that we, as humans have a moral right to justification. The tension which arises is that his account of noumenal power doesn’t allow him to propose a universal, egalitarian right to justification, a key point of his own conception of justice. Rather it substitutes old arbitrary forms of domination based on new ones premised on epistemic authority. Forst’s critical theory may be said to be egalitarian in its intention, but exclusionary in its practice. I end with questioning whether Forst’s attempt to produce a critical theory of justice can actually measure up to eliminating arbitrary forms of domination and oppression.

Contact: Adam Hochman (adam.hochman at mq.edu.au<mailto:adam.hochman at mq.edu.au>) or Mike Olson (michael.olson at mq.edu.au<mailto:michael.olson at mq.edu.au>)

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Adam Hochman
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