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Title: Jonathan Tallant
Now now: there's no need for that.

There are a range of positions in the philosophy of time that we may  
call 'hybrid A-theoretic'. These positions hold that there is a  
metaphysically privileged present and that non-present entities also exist.  
There are two well known instances of such views. First, the Growing Block  
view: the past and present exist, the future does not, and  the 'block' of  
reality 'grows' over time. Second, the Moving Spotlight view: the past  
present and future exist, and there is some objective privileging of an  
absolutely present moment (though of course which moment that is changes).

My aim here is to demonstrate that there is a telling objection against  
these hybrid A-theories. My starting point is David Braddon-Mitchell’s 2004  
paper, 'How do we know that it's now now?'. I think that a careful study of  
this paper in fact reveals three distinct objections, each of which I want  
to explore. This teasing apart of the different arguments is useful because  
it has recently been claimed that Braddon-Mitchell's position is unclear  
and that however we disambiguate it, hybrid A-theories are left untouched.  
My response is that such responses fail, and that teasing apart some of the  
different ideas present in Braddon-Mitchell’s original paper enables us to  
develop robust objections to the hybrid A-theories. That being so, I  
suggest that we have good reason to reject hybrid A-theories.
When: Wed 16 Aug 2017 13:00 – 14:30 Eastern Time - Melbourne, Sydney
Calendar: Seminars
     * Sam Shpall- creator

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