[SydPhil] Luke Barnes: Fine-tuning and probability Thursday @ 3.00

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Dear all, this current Thursday’s current projects seminar (the Muniment room, 3.00) will be Luke Barnes giving the following paper:

Title: Fine-Tuning and probability

Abstract: My work as a cosmologist has touched on an interesting philosophical problem, on that has been discussed in the philosophical literature. Fine-tuning in physics and cosmology is often used as evidence that a theory is incomplete. Of particular interest is the fine-tuning of the universe for life, which suggests that our universe’s ability to create physical life forms is improbable and in need of explanation by, perhaps, a multiverse. This claim has been challenged on the grounds that the relevant probability measure cannot be justified because it cannot be normalized, and so small probabilities cannot be inferred. I will discuss how fine-tuning can be formulated within the context of Bayesian theory testing (or model selection) in the physical sciences, and how normalizability problems might be avoided.

All welcome

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