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Stephen Matthews Stephen.Matthews at acu.edu.au
Tue May 23 16:04:22 AEST 2017

ACU Philosophy seminar

This week - Friday May 26, 2.30pm - 4 pm

Correction from previous announcement: Talia will speak from ACU's North Sydney campus:

 8-20 Napier street (Tenison Woods House). Level 12, room 24 (videoconference room)

Duck-Rabbit, Similar Faces, and the Imagistic “Seeing-As”:

A Non-Representational Alternative for the Case of Emotions

The duck-rabbit example of seeing-as experiences, the drawing that can be seen either as a duck or as a rabbit, was made famous in Wittgenstein’s writings and influenced other areas of philosophy, such as the philosophy of emotion. The almost ubiquitous interpretation of this example is as follows: to see the duck-rabbit picture as a duck or as a rabbit, one requires the concept of a duck or of a rabbit. One sees the picture in terms of the concept “duck” or “rabbit.” What we may call the conceptualist seeing-as view is that “aspect perception is concept-laden. Seeing something as an X presupposes mastery of the concept of an X.” (Severin Schroeder 2010). In this paper, I suggest there is a non-conceptualist way to understand seeing-as experiences, including the duck-rabbit, relying on imaginative capacities alone. The more obvious paradigm here is a less famous example of Wittgenstein’s, where two faces suddenly strike us as similar. In so far as we find the seeing-as model fruitful for accounts of mental states (emotions are my primary example), then those can then be understood as non-conceptual and non-representational states of mind.

Talk will be video conferenced to other campuses:

Brisbane: 200.2.03 (BRI_xAC.22 Vd)
Strathfield: 600.1.02 VC (STR_xE2.45 Vd)
Ballarat: 100.1.03 (BAL_xCB1.103 Vd)
Canberra: 302.G.03 (CAN_xS.G.1.10 Vd)
Melbourne: 460.4.280 (Mel 4.28Vd)

If you wish to attend North Sydney feel free to email the convenor for directions.

Steve Matthews (Convenor)

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