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Hi all,

CAVE member Robert Sinnerbrink is hosting a workshop next week called Cinematic Ethics 3: Documentary Film and Ethical Experience (May 18 - 19). In connection with the workshop, he has arranged a film screening for Wednesday May 17. All are welcome to attend, no registration required!

Contact: robert.sinnerbrink at mq.edu.au

CAVE/Cinematic Ethics 3: Documentary Film and Ethical Experience Workshop Screening
followed by Q&A discussion

dir. Kathryn Millard (Macquarie, MMCCS)


Wed May 17, 4pm-6pm
Drama Studio Y3A building, Macquarie University (R6 on campus map<http://www.mq.edu.au/__data/assets/image/0010/183556/Campus-Map.png>)

We do as we're told. Or do we?
In the early 1960s psychologist Stanley Milgram, in seeking to understand the Holocaust, ran a series of controversial experiments on obedience.
An authority orders you to inflict painful shocks on another person. Most us will obey, claimed Milgram. But will we? And were Milgram’s experiments as much art as science? In dramatising previously un-filmed versions of the world’s most famous psychology experiment, Shock Room turns a light on the dark side of human behavior and forces us to ask ourselves:
What would I do?

Have a good day!


Macquarie University Research Centre for Agency, Values and Ethics (CAVE)
Department of Philosophy
Macquarie University
Sydney, NSW 2109, Australia
CAVE website: mq.edu.au/cave<http://cave.mq.edu.au>

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