[SydPhil] UOW Philosophy Seminar: Andrew Dunstall (UOW), “Equality and Freedom in the Politics of Education”

Patrick McGivern patrickm at uow.edu.au
Wed May 3 12:22:50 AEST 2017

UOW Philosophy is pleased to have Dr. Andrew Dunstall (UOW) speaking at its Philosophy Research Seminar series on May 10th. All are welcome.

Title: Equality and Freedom in the Politics of Education

When: Wednesday, May 10th, 3:30-5:00

Where: Building 19, room 2072 (LHA Research HUB), UOW main campus

Abstract: In this paper I return to a classical theme of political philosophy: the role that education systems play in creating a just society. I look at the political principles of contemporary Australian schooling, and offer some criticisms by following the hypothesis of considering schools as an “image” of their wider social-political constitution. In doing so, I contribute to recent practical and theoretical debates in critical theory.

If we take schools as a specifically political experience that reflects our wider political culture, what does this say about our current state as a nation? Are students equally respected in their experience at school? Is the inequality of resources – so apparent in the divide between public and private schooling – pertinent or not? Must schools be pluralist about ‘the good life’, or must they cultivate a specific set of civic values? What, in the end, is the purpose of our schooling system?

I argue that civic participation is the primary purpose of schooling – not preparation for the workforce, nor economic success, nor preservation of the ‘values’ that parents wish upon their children. The political patterns that ought to pattern our schools should therefore match the patterns that ought to dominate our wider civil society. This argument has a number of implications for current Australian policy. It also produces some theoretical contributions contemporary political philosophy.

The main seminar will be followed by an undergraduate Philosophy Forum event, discussing the question “What’s the point of education?”

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May 24th: Neil Levy (Macquarie), “Radical Externalism about Belief”

Dr. Patrick McGivern
University of Wollongong
patrickm at uow.edu.au
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