[SydPhil] Dignity, Respect, and Cognitive Disability: Suzy Kilimister @ 3.00 Thursday

Kristie Miller kristie_miller at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 29 17:22:54 AEST 2017

This coming Thursday’s 3.00 current project’s seminar (The Muniment Room, Main Quad, USyd) will be Suzy Kilimister speaking on:

Dignity, Respect, and Cognitive Disability

In this talk I examine the moral status of individuals with severe cognitive disability. The key question I focus on is what forms of respect such agents are owed, and on what basis. My goal is to vindicate the claim, commonplace in the philosophy of disability, that there is a meaningful moral difference between individuals with severe cognitive disabilities and non-human animals. Rather than try to vindicate that claim through appeal to the capacities of individuals with severe cognitive disabilities, or to their intimate relationships with other persons, I explore the potential of positing a social kind 'human', to which all human beings belong, and whose members are owed a certain form of respect.  

All welcome.

Associate Professor Kristie Miller
Senior ARC Research Fellow
Joint Director, the Centre for Time
School of Philosophical and Historical Inquiry and
The Centre for Time
The University of Sydney
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kmiller at usyd.edu.au
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