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Our next current projects seminar on Thursday 27 April at 300 will be:

Tuomas E. Tahko: "Varieties of Fundamentality"

Metaphysical fundamentality can be defined in various ways. For instance, the fundamental may be conceived as ontologically independent, ungrounded, or as a complete minimal basis. Common at least to all the usual ways of understanding fundamentality is the idea of well-foundedness, the thought that the fundamental serves as the termination point for some dependence relation or other, often taken to be grounding. But well-foundedness itself can be understood in many different ways and the correct way to understand it may also depend on the relevant sense of fundamentality. In this paper, I will outline these different conceptions of fundamentality and compare some of their relative merits. A particular question of interest is whether some sense of fundamentality could be compatible with infinite chains of dependence. It turns out that there are at least a few different ways in which this is possible: infinite descent does not necessarily rule out metaphysical foundationalism.

As usual, papers are in the Muniment Room in the Main Quad, USyd.

All welcome

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