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Tue Apr 4 08:45:01 AEST 2017

ACU Philosophy Seminar Series

Title: Impaired agency and appropriate anger

Daphne Brandenburg (Radboud University)

Abstract: It is topical in moral psychology to equate the abilities that are required for deserved blame with the abilities that render one an appropriate addressee of the reactive attitudes. The most influential account of these abilities is reason responsiveness (McGeer & Pettit, 2015; McKenna, 2012; Shoemaker, 2015; Wallace, 1996; Watson 1993). Among other things these abilities are argued to render one an appropriate and deserving addressee because one’s responsiveness to moral reasons is cultivated by expressions of the reactive attitudes (McGeer, 2014; McGeer & Pettit, 2015; M. Vargas, 2013a). I argue that feeling and expressing reactive attitudes towards someone whose reason responsiveness is underdeveloped or compromised is common to our practices and can cultivate the addressees’ responsiveness to moral reasons. Because these people should not be considered deserving of blame, the abilities required for being an appropriate addressee of the reactive attitudes are to be distinguished from those abilities that are required for the deservingness of blame.

WHEN: This Friday, April 7, 2.30 PM – 4.00 PM (AEST)

Daphne will be speaking from North Sydney, Tenison Woods House, 8 Napier Street North Sydney, Floor 12, room 24. If you wish to attend in North Sydney and you’re unsure of where to go, please contact the convenor, Steve. (Stephen.matthews at acu.edu.au)

Talk will be videoconferenced to:

Brisbane: 200.2.03 (BRI_xAC.22 Vd)
Strathfield: 600.1.02 VC (STR_xE2.45 Vd)
Ballarat: 100.1.03 (BAL_xCB1.103 Vd)
Canberra: 302.G.03 (CAN_xS.G.1.10 Vd)
Melbourne: 460.4.280 (Mel 4.28Vd)

Enquiries: Steve Matthews (stephen.matthews at acu.edu.au<mailto:stephen.matthews at acu.edu.au>)

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