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Title: Victoria McGeer
Scaffolding agency: a proleptic view of the 'reactive' attitudes

In this talk, I examine the methodological claim made famous by P.F.  
Strawson: that we understand what features are required for responsible  
agency by exploring our attitudes and practices of holding responsible.   
What is the presumed metaphysical connection between holding responsible  
and being fit to be held responsible that makes this claim credible?  I  
propose a non-standard answer to this question, arguing for a view of  
responsible agency that is neither anti-realist (i.e.  
purely 'conventionalist') nor straightforwardly realist.  It is instead  
‘constructivist’.  On the ‘Scaffolding View’ I defend, reactive attitudes  
play an essential role in developing, supporting, and thereby maintaining  
the capacities that make for responsible agency. While this view has  
relatively novel implications for a metaphysical understanding of  
‘capacities’, its chief virtue, in contrast with more standard views, is  
providing a plausibly defensible account of how so-called responsible  
agents genuinely deserve to be treated as such.
When: Wed 5 Apr 2017 13:00 – 14:30 Eastern Time - Melbourne, Sydney
Calendar: Seminars
     * Sam Shpall- creator

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