[SydPhil] Barbara Osimani: Reliability and Replication

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Tue Mar 7 20:17:21 AEDT 2017

Dear all, 

Barbara Osimani will be given the first current project’s seminar for 2017. 

As usual, papers are in the Muniment Room in the Main Quad at 3.00 on Thursday.

All welcome.

Barbara will be presenting the following: 

Reliability and replication: Statistics meets Formal Epistemology

The talk investigates the notion of reliability as a central dimension of evidence in classical statistics and compares this to the analysis provided in the formal epistemology framework (especially Bayesian epistemology); in particular two notions of reliability are identified and their distinctive roles in interaction with consistency of replications is investigated in the two settings. Also, the talk presents implications of these considerations for modeling “dependence of observations” and “independent replications” in different research contexts and scientific ecosystems. , by particularly focusing on issues of bias in medicine/pharmacology. 

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