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ACU Philosophy Seminar Series: Talia Morag, this Friday

Title: Must (some) emotions be "cognitive"?

Abstract: The overwhelming majority of contemporary philosophers assume what has been called "cognitive" emotions. That is, emotions have an intentional object that is perceived under description, that they therefore have conceptual content, that they embed beliefs or belief-like states, and that they are sensitive to reason. Even those who stress the existence of "basic" emotions, which are said to be non-conceptual and shared with animals and infants, talk about other "complex" emotions that involve concepts (e.g. Griffiths). Call this the conceptualist assumption about emotions. This now orthodox assumption is well motivated. How, for example, could one feel regret without believing or at least being inclined to believe that one has made a mistake? In this paper, I examine closely the behavioural and linguistic features of emotions that motivate the view that at least some emotions must be conceptually laden. I then offer an alternative way to understand those features in a way that does not necessitate the conceptualist assumption. It is at least possible, I claim, that all emotions are part of our (non-rational) animality.
Bio: Dr. Talia Morag is an adjunct fellow at the University of Western Sydney.

WHEN: (this coming) Friday October 28, 2.30 PM - 4.00 PM

WHERE: Talia will be speaking from North Sydney, Tenison Woods House, 8 Napier Street North Sydney, Floor 16, room 24. If you wish to attend in North Sydney and you're unsure of where to go, please contact the convenor, Steve. (Stephen.matthews at acu.edu.au)

Talk will be videoconferenced to:

Ballarat: CB1.104
Brisbane: AC.22
Canberra: S.G.1.10
Melbourne: 250 Victoria Pde 4.28
Strathfield: E2.45

Enquiries: Steve Matthews (stephen.matthews at acu.edu.au<mailto:stephen.matthews at acu.edu.au>)

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