[SydPhil] Perspectives on determinism from across the sciences

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Thu Oct 20 16:09:00 AEDT 2016

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Charles Perkins Centre

Perspectives on determinism from across the sciences
December 13 2016, 9am to 5pm
Followed by the Kenneth Meredith Garven Lecture 6pm to 7:30pm


This event will consider how recent developments in the sciences bear on the philosophical question of free will and determinism. It will address both general physical determinism and specifically biological (eg genetic) determinism. Do any recent scientific developments have novel philosophical implications? The symposium will also examine recent work in psychology on willpower and its development, and on the psychology of the intuition that free agency is incompatible with causal determination.

Speakers include:

  *   Professor Paul Davies AM, Regent’s Professor of Physics and Director of BEYOND: Center for Fundamental Concepts in Science, Winner of the 1995 Templeton Prize, Arizona State University, USA.
Title: ‘Determinism in the light of contemporary Physics’
  *   Dr Ilan Dar Nimrod, Senior Lecturer, School of Psychology, University of Sydney and Professor Paul Griffiths, Professor of Philosophy, Department of Philosophy and Charles Perkins Centre, University of Sydney.
Title: ‘Genetic essentialist biases in human cognition and their consequences’
  *   Professor Roy F Baumeister, Francis Eppes Professor of Psychology, Florida State University and Professor of Social Psychology, University of Queensland.
Title: ‘Freedom and determinism in the light of contemporary psychology’
  *   Professor Joan Leach, Director of Australian National Centre for the Public Awareness of Science (CPAS), Australian National University.
Title:  ‘Promoting a better public conversation about science and determinism’
  *   Dr Kate Lynch, Postdoctoral fellow, Biological Sciences, Macquarie University and Department of Philosophy, University of Sydney.
Title: ‘What happens when genes cause environments’
  *   Mr Andrew J Latham, PhD Candidate, Department of Philosophy, University of Sydney.
Title: ‘The concept(s) of freedom'

This symposium will be followed by the Sydney Ideas <http://charlesperkinscentre.e-newsletter.com.au/link/id/zzzz58070ba24cc5e936P/page.html> Kenneth Meredith Garven Lecture<http://charlesperkinscentre.e-newsletter.com.au/link/id/zzzz58070ba24cc5e936P/page.html>. Please RSVP for the Sydney Ideas event separately.

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Please RSVP for catering purposes

Funded by the Kenneth Meredith Garven Bequest, the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and Charles Perkins Centre

13 December 2016


Level 6 Seminar room
Charles Perkins Centre
The University of Sydney
NSW 2006
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