[SydPhil] Workshop: Science and Nature in the Long Eighteenth Century

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*Science and Nature in the Long Eighteenth Century *

*August 19 2016*

Kevin Lee Room,
Level 6, Lobby H,
Quadrangle Building A14
University of Sydney

*Sponsored by The Sydney Centre for the Foundations of Science*

This workshop will examine a broad range of issues pertaining to the study
of nature in Germany from the period of the renouvellement of the Berlin
Academy in the 1740s, to the writings of Hegel in the early nineteenth
century. Moving from discussions of disciplinary boundaries and
disciplinary interrelations to the contents of specific writings in natural
philosophy, the workshop will engage with the thought and writings of
Maupertuis, Formey, Kant, Schelling, Fichte and Hegel.

   - 9.00 Peter Anstey, ‘The four classes of the Berlin Academy’
   - 9.50 Eric Watkins, ‘Kant on Laws’
   - 10.35 Coffee break
   - 11.00 Michael Olson, ‘Empirical theories of aether and Kant's* Opus
   - 11.50 Jennifer Mensch, ‘Kant and the Skull Collectors: Teleology and
   Empiricism in the Science of Man’
   - 12.35 Lunch
   - 2.00 Dalia Nassar, ‘Schelling on experience and experiment’
   - 2.50 Clinton Tolley, ‘Overcoming skepticism after Fichte: Schelling on
   the identity of nature and science’
   - 3.35 Coffee break
   - 4.00 Ulrich Schloesser, ‘Natural laws, Life and Self-Consciousness:
   Hegel's Argument in Chapter
   3 of the Phenomenology’
   - 4.50 Debrief
   - 5.00 Close and drinks

Participation is free but registration is required for catering purposes.
Register here
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