[SydPhil] Cynthia Willett - Affect Attunement: Discourse Ethics Across Species

Nikolas Kompridis Nikolas.Kompridis at acu.edu.au
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Affect Attunement: Discourse Ethics Across Species

Professor Cynthia Willett, Emory University

When: 16 August 2016, 1-3pm
Where: Room 16 A, Level 16, Tenison Woods House - 8-20 Napier Street, North Sydney

Donna Haraway calls for a cosmopolitical trans-species ethics.  But then on what biosocial basis might we tap into communicative capacities in a world that we inhabit together with other species?  This question is explored through preliminary clues from well-established research on the responsive, preverbal  "proto-conversations" between human infants and adults.  Social attunement, more powerfully than mirroring forms of empathy, explains the communication of affects within communities and across species, human and nonhuman.

Cynthia Willett is a professor of philosophy at Emory University. Her books include Irony in the Age of Empire: Comic Perspectives on Freedom and Democracy; The Soul of Justice: Racial Hubris and Social Bonds; and Maternal Ethics and Other Slave Moralities. She has also edited the anthology Theorizing Multiculturalism and is a coeditor for the Symposia on Race, Gender, and Philosophy.

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