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Dear all,

Our next Current Projects seminar will be next Thursday (i.e. Thursday July 28) and will be Sean Power, presenting: 

Doing Things With Time
Can our philosophical positions on time affect the way we approach other philosophical problems? It might seem as if they can't. Such positions may be conceived as being purely metaphysical and, being metaphysical, independent of our thinking about other issues. Or, at least (as such independence is not obvious), one would need to argue that the metaphysics of time has relevance to other philosophical positions. 

In this talk, I try to do just that (although with an important qualification). I argue that, on questions about the epistemology, phenomenology and ontology of perception, a difference in our concepts of time (between presentism and eternalism, in particular) can make a difference to the kind of answers that we can have or would desire. As examples of this, I bring in the perception of external things and change. In doing this, I also question the idea that these positions on time (and the debate between them) are best conceived as only falling under metaphysics.  

As usual, papers are in the Muniment Room in the Main Quad,  from 3.00-4.30.

All welcome

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