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Dear all:

I have been asked by Jake Chandler, from La Trobe, to let you know of a talk that he is giving at UNSW very soon. Here is the relevant material from his letter.

I am a relatively new philosophy hire at La Trobe, working on various topics on rational choice and inference. I am due to give a talk on Thursday 23rd of June in the UNSW computer science department on the dynamics of rational belief which could be of interest to members of the philosophy dept.

I have been working for a couple of years on a qualitative model of rational belief change known as the `AGM model', which I have argued provides a more congenial tool for addressing traditional epistemological issues than its quantitative counterpart, namely Bayesianism. The talk that I am giving is part of this project. It will have a technical component but I have tried to render it as broadly accessible as possible.

Please feel free to circulate the info! Here is the link: https://my.cse.unsw.edu.au/seminars/detail.php?id=191

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