[SydPhil] Colin Klein: Prediction, explanation, and cognitive ontology Thursday @ 3

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Tue May 17 16:36:57 AEST 2016

This coming Thursday’s current projects seminar will be Colin Klein presenting:

Title: Prediction, explanation, and cognitive ontology 

  Yarkoni and Westfall have recently argued that cognitive neuroscience focuses too much on explanation at the expense of prediction. Advances in machine learning have made available powerful predictive tools, they claim, and we can use those tools to develop cognitive constructs that will be more useful for cognitive neuroscience. I disagree. Insofar as an ontological project is revisionary, it must focus on explanation (even at the expense of prediction). I show that this disagreement illuminates a heretofore implicit disconnect between how cognitive neuroscientists and philosophers think of the so-called problem of "cognitive ontology."
     I illustrate the point by discussing recent work on decoding words from whole-brain activation data. Time permitting, I will also have many things to say about the interpretations of double dissociations, and will continue a long-running streak of connecting neuroimaging to stuff that Paul Meehl said in the mid-1950s. 

As usual, papers are held in the Muniment Room at 3.00.

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