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I'm pleased to announce the following workshop to be hosted a Macquarie
University on the 3rd of June. Please contact me if you have any questions.
Attendance is free, but please register for catering purposes:


What do psychopathologies and altered states teach us about
consciousness? Macquarie
University, Sydney, 3rd June 2016 Overview

People suffering from a variety of psychopathologies have experiences which
appear radically different from what are considered "normal, healthy, adult
human" experiences. Similarly a variety of psychoactive substances as well
as certain rituals are thought to induce experiences radically different
from those the participating subject normally has. It has been proposed
that both types of case are useful for developing or testing theories of
consciousness. In this conference we will examine what a variety of
psychopathological and altered states of consciousness teach us about
consciousness. Can we explain the experiences that occur in these states?
Does this teach us anything about "normal, healthy, adult human"
experiences? Do these states give evidence for or against existent
explanations of consciousness?
Keynote speakers

   - Garry Young (Nottingham Trent University) "What can psychopathology
   teach us about consciousness?"
   - Jennifer Windt (Monash University) "States of consciousness,
   dissociated states, and state transitions: Lessons from sleep and dream

Invited speakers

   - Gerard O'Brien and Jon Opie (Adelaide University) "A Schizophrenic
   Defence of a Vehicle Theory of Consciousness"
   - Melanie Rosen (Macquarie University) "Feeling your body move in bed:
   shifting sense of agency in sleep"
   - Chris Letheby (Adelaide University) "Psychedelic Consciousness Science"
   - Mariia Kaliuzhna (Macquarie University) "Multisensory integration in
   out-of-body experiences and lucid dreams"
   - Vince Polito (Macquarie University) "What do dissociative religious
   rituals tell us about everyday sense of agency?"
   - Glenn Carruthers (Macquarie University/Charles Sturt University)
   "Extending an explanation of the rubber hand illusion to the delusion of

all the best

Glenn Carruthers
ARC Centre of Excellence in Cognition and its Disorders
Macquarie University

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