[SydPhil] Sydney Uni: Karola Stotz and Paul Griffiths this Wed

Brian Hedden brian.hedden at sydney.edu.au
Mon May 2 08:54:45 AEST 2016

Hello all,

Sorry for the short notice, but Karola Stotz and Paul Griffiths will be speaking at the Sydney Uni department seminar this Wed, May 4 from 1-2:30pm in the Muniment Room, Quadrangle Building A14, with teatime to follow. Below is their title and abstract:

Developmental Systems Theory as a Process Theory

Process philosophy of biology is currently very much in vogue, although it’s relationship to older forms of ‘process philosophy remains unclear. Griffiths and Gray (1994, 1997, 2001) argued that developmental systems are best conceived as processes, rather than sets of developmental resources and interactions between those resources.  This paper explores in more depth the features of developmental systems theory (DST) that favour treating processes as fundamental in biology, and the role of process thought in the work of some of the biologists whose work inspired DST.
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