[SydPhil] Brian Hedden at UNSW Philosophy Seminar, Tuesday 19 April

Markos Valaris m.valaris at unsw.edu.au
Sat Apr 16 09:07:08 AEST 2016

Speaker: Brian Hedden

Title: Individual Time Bias and Social Discounting


Consider two questions about appropriate attitudes to time: Within a single life, is it permissible to weight the well-being of one's near future selves more heavily than one's farther future selves? And as a society, is it permissible to weight the well-being of near-future people more heavily than farther future people? While many economics and philosophers have suggested that these two questions are independent, so that our answer to one does not tightly constraint our answer to the other, I argue that they should be treated in parallel, so that individual time-bias is permissible if and only if social discounting is permissible.

Time: Tuesday 12:30-2:00

Venue: MB 209

Markos Valaris
Lecturer in Philosophy
Associate Editor, Australasian Journal of Philosophy
University of New South Wales
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