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Philosophy at Western Sydney University, Seminar Series 2016

Seminar: Memory and Narrativity

Date and Time: Wednesday, 27 April 2016, 3:30pm — 5:00pm
Location: Western Sydney University, Bankstown Campus, Building 3, Meeting Room 3.G. 54

Daniel D. Hutto

This presentation will canvas empirical and theoretical grounds for thinking that one familiar kind of memory – autobiographical memory – depends upon the mastery and exercise of narrative capacities. It is structured as follows: Section 1 contrasts features of utterly non-narrative forms of purely enactive and embodied remembering with that of the declarative variety required for autobiographical memory. Section 2 explicates the core tenets of the Social Interactionist Theory, SIT, of autobiographical memory, highlighting differences between weaker and stronger formulations and the roles that the mastery of narrative practices is assumed to play in both. Section 3 addresses a challenge to SIT, exploring how it is possible to understand pure episodic remembering that apparently operates before and below the capacity to autobiographically narrate the past. Section 4 concludes by considering arguments, motivated by empirical findings, which compel a rethink of what  the primary function of autobiographical memory is in ways that speak in SIT's favour.

Daniel D. Hutto is Professor of Philosophical Psychology at the University of Wollongong and member of the Australian Research Council College of Experts. His most recent books include: Wittgenstein and the End of Philosophy (Palgrave, 2006), Folk Psychological Narratives (MIT, 2008). He is co-author of the award-winning Radicalizing Enactivism (MIT, 2013) and editor of Narrative and Understanding Persons (CUP, 2007) and Narrative and Folk Psychology (Imprint Academic, 2009). A special yearbook, Radical Enactivism, focusing on his philosophy of intentionality, phenomenology and narrative, was published in 2006. He regularly speaks at conferences and expert meetings for anthropologists, clinical psychiatrists, educationalists, narratologists, neuroscientists and psychologists.
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