[SydPhil] Title/Abstract for Sam Shpall at Sydney Uni

Brian Hedden brian.hedden at sydney.edu.au
Mon Apr 11 16:00:27 AEST 2016

Hi everyone,

Below is the title and abstract for Sam Shpall's (Sydney) talk at the Sydney Uni department seminar, this Wed April 13 in the Muniment Room of the Quadrangle Building, from 1-2:30pm with teatime to follow.

Dworkin's Literary Analogy

For decades Ronald Dworkin defended the view that legal interpretation is constructive. One of his most fascinating arguments for this idea, which turns on an analogy between legal and literary interpretation, has been more or less ignored by philosophers of law -- probably because they have not been especially interested in the claims about literary interpretation that it presupposes. I aim in this paper to explore Dworkin's analogical argument with the sensitivity it deserves, and to evaluate its implications for his overall anti-positivist project and the correct theory of legal interpretation.
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