[SydPhil] Brains and Beliefs: Current Projects, Thursday March 10

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Dear al,

Our first current projects seminar kicks off this coming Thursday, March 10, at 3.00 in the Muniment Room in the main quad. 

Dominic Murphy will be giving the following paper: 

Title: Brains and Beliefs

 Eliminative arguments have typically moved from the premise that something is horribly unscientific  about folk psychology to the  conclusion that it should all be swept away and replaced with neuroscience. But there is no need for the replacement theory to be  non-psychological. The perspective I argue for suggests that we think of eliminativism as a revisionary doctrine, not a revolutionary one;  a reformulated cognitive psychology can still play a crucial role in describing and explaining the subject matter of the cognitive sciences. But that scientifically reformed psychology should play the role that folk psychology is often awarded in the integrationist picture that sees psychology as the topmost in a hierarchy of levels of explanation. The integrationist perspective is unstable. Folk psychology is not scientifically worthwhile, but philosophy of mind can play an important role in establishing its contours, and we should not expect folk psychology to disappear as a part of our self-understanding.

See you all there.

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