[SydPhil] "Connecting with Others: Empathy, Sympathy, and the Imagination"

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Conference Announcement

Connecting with Others:
Empathy, Sympathy, and the Imagination

Dates: Wednesday, 30 March, to Friday, 1 April 2016.
CCANESA Boardroom (Rm 480), Madsen Building (F09), University of Sydney

Organiser: Anik Waldow
Registration: http://sydney.edu.au/arts/philosophy/research/conferences.shtml

Wednesday, 30th March:

9.00-9.15 Welcome

Understanding Other Minds/Ethics

9.15-9.55 Jeanette Kennett (Macquarie): “Empathy, Interpretation, and Psychopathology”

9.55-10.35 Neil Maclean (Sydney): “Breaking Down Empathy and Understanding Neurodiversity”

10.35-10.55 Coffee

10.55-11.35 Daniel Hutto (Wollongong): “Empathy: A Role for Narrative Engagement”

11.35-12.15 Kate Abramson (Indiana): "Empathy and the Contours of Reactive Gratitude"

12.15-2.00 Lunch
2.00-2.40 Millicent Churcher (Sydney): “Recognition: A Role for the Sympathetic Imagination”
2.40-3.20 Damien Freeman: "Constitutional Recognition of Indigenous People: a Case Study in the Limits of Empathy for Politics"

3.20-3.35 Coffee

Sympathy in History

3.35-4.15 Juanita Ruys (Sydney): “Compassion that Defrauds: Medieval Reservations over Fellow-Feeling with Others”

4.15-4.55 Margaret Watkins (St Vincent College): “An Elegant Passion? Hume on Sympathy and Sex”

Thursday, 31th March:

9.15-9.55 Maarten Steenhagen (Antwerp): “Sympathy without the Mind”

9.55-10.35 Anik Waldow (Sydney): “Empathy and our Relation to the Past”

10.35-10.55 Coffee

10.55-11.35 Katherine Harloe (Reading): “In the wake of the Querelle: Sympathy and social concern in eighteenth-century dramatic theory”


11.35-12.15 Jennifer Milam (Sydney), “Feeling Sympathy and Viewing Art during the Eighteenth Century”

12.15-2.00 Lunch

2.00-2.40 Laura Kotevska (Sydney): “Aesthetic Morality and Moral Aesthetics: Adam Smith on Art and the Imagination”

2.40-3.20 Moira Gatens (Sydney): “George Eliot’s Sympathetic Imagination”

3.20-3.35 Coffee

3.35-4.15 Derek Matravers (Open University): “Empathy in Aesthetics: Then and Now”

4.15-4.55 David Macarthur (Sydney): Aesthetic Intimacy

6.00 Conference Dinner (at Thai Riffic, 109 King Street, Newtown)

Friday, 1 April

Psychoanalysis and Anthropology

9.15-9.55 Russell Grigg (Deakin): “What Place does Empathy have in Psychoanalysis?”

9.55-10.35 Louise Braddock (Cambridge): “Why Psychoanalysts should avoid Empathy?”

10.35-10.55 Coffee

10.55-11.35 Louise Gyler (Sydney Institute for Psychoanalysis): “The Violence of the Real and the Limits of Imagination”

11.35-12.15 Talia Morag: "Communicating in Silence: The Case of Emotions"

12.15-12.55 Holly High: tba

End of Conference

Leverhulme Trust, British Academy
School of Philosophical and Historical Inquiry, University of Sydney
ARC Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions

Dr. Anik Waldow
Senior Lecturer, Department of Philosophy
School of Philosophical and Historical Inquiry, Main Quad
University of Sydney, 2006 NSW
email: anik.waldow at sydney.edu.au
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