[SydPhil] Mimetic Theory and Film, tomorrow: Pasolini

Diego Bubbio D.Bubbio at westernsydney.edu.au
Thu Nov 19 12:47:45 AEDT 2015

A reminder that the first of the two screenings of the “Mimetic Theory and Flim” project will be tomorrow. Please see details below.

Presented by the Philosophy Research Initiative<http://www.westernsydney.edu.au/philosophy/home> of Western Sydney University and funded by the Imitatio Foundation imitatio.org<www.imitatio.org>


[cid:image004.jpg at 01D10673.B07C5900]FILM SCREENINGS
Screening 1:
Pasolini's The Gospel According to St. Matthew, Introduced by Dr Diego Bubbio<http://www.uws.edu.au/staff_profiles/uws_profiles/doctor_diego_bubbio> (Western Sydney University)
Friday, November 20, 3.00 pm to 6.30 pm, Bankstown campus<http://www.uws.edu.au/campuses_structure/cas/campuses/bankstown>, 3.G.55

Screening 2:
Aronofsky's Black Swan
Friday, November 27, 3.00 pm to 6.30 pm, Introduced by Dr Chris Fleming<http://www.uws.edu.au/philosophy/philosophy@uws/members#5> (Western Sydney University), Bankstown campus<http://www.uws.edu.au/campuses_structure/cas/campuses/bankstown>, 3.G.55

Each film screening is followed by a debate on the mimetic interpretation of the film.

Please register your attendance by emailing Philosophy at westernsydney.edu.au<mailto:Philosophy at westernsydney.edu.au>
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