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Title: Marilynn Johnson
Systems of Dress: A Gricean Proposal for Communication by Bodily Adornment
ABSTRACT: One of the purposes our bodies serve is as a surface on which we  
place adornments that convey certain meanings to those around us, such as,  
'I am a police officer', 'I am the queen', and 'I protest the war in  
Vietnam'. In this talk I will argue that communication through adornment of  
the body is best understood as a branch of philosophy of language, and, in  
particular, within a Gricean theory of meaning. This argument begins with  
discussion of a previous study of meaning in bodily adornment undertaken by  
Roland Barthes working in the Saussurean, semiotic tradition. I argue that  
Barthes' attempt fails for the same reason many theories of linguistic  
meaning failed: they treat meaning as the result of a system of codes - an  
assumption that leads to theories that can never fully explain  
communication. I take Barthes' attempt as an indication that dress should  
be treated instead as a fundamentally Gricean, intentional process, with  
meaning first delineated into Grice's categories of natural, and  
non-natural meaning, as well as a new category I will introduce: 'imitation  
of natural meaning'. I present specific cases to show how these categories  
apply to meaning in dress. In the course of this argument I will defend the  
Gricean picture that ties meaning to intentions from a number of objections.

When: Thu 19 Nov 2015 15:00 - 16:30 Eastern Time - Melbourne, Sydney
Calendar: Current Projects
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