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The Macquarie University Research Centre for Agency, Values, and Ethics
(CAVE) is happy to announce that registrations for our next conference is
open. The conference is free, and all are welcome. Registration is for
catering and participant number purposes.

Register online here: Registration form

*Call for registration: CAVE Conference: Perspectives on Empathy*

Date: Wed & Thurs 4 - 5 November, 2015
Time: 09:00 - 17:00 (TBC)
Venue: Robert Menzies College, Seminar Room 2 (by Trinity Chapel on Herring
Rd), Macquarie University

Empathy is a widely used concept in both social and moral domains of
enquire. Empathy deficits are supposed to explain both moral and social
impairments. It seems self-evident that empathy is a good thing: indeed,
many writers think that empathy is integral to morality. But what is
empathy? The term is used to cover a wide array of cognitive and affective
processes. Which of these processes is fundamental to morality and how?
Should we be skeptical about the claims made for empathy?

Empathy is of interest to researchers across a range of disciplines
including in philosophy of mind, cognitive science, psychiatry and
psychology, moral psychology, ethics and aesthetics. Yet there is no clear
agreement on what empathy is and the role it plays in moral development,
social and moral cognition, imagination, and motivation. This conference
seeks to bring researchers from across disciplines together to consider a
range of questions about the nature, function and importance of empathy.

*Keynote Speaker*

   - Heidi Maibom (Cincinatti), "Imagining Feelings"

*Confirmed speakers*

   - Daniel Hutto (Wollongong), "Empathy: A Role for Narrative Engagement"
   - Kate Rossmanith (Macquarie), "Empathy in the Criminal Courts: Stories
   from the field"
   - Robert Sinnerbrink (Macquarie), "Empathy and film"
   - Jonathan McGuire & Robyn Langdon (NSW Mental Health Commission and
   Macquarie), "Empathy and mental illness"
   - Jeanette Kennett (Macquarie), "Empathy Scepticism"
   - Pei-hua Huang (Monash), "Empathy and Moral Enhancement"
   - Juanita Feros Ruys (ARC Centre of Excellence for the History of
   Emotions, Sydney), "Compassion that Defrauds: Medieval Reservations over
   Fellow-Feeling with Others"
   - T Oliver Skuse (Melbourne), "Why not just get away? Jesse Prinz on
   - Lauren Saling and Daniel Cohen (CSU), "Autism, moral judgement, and
   the necessity for empathy*"*
   - Yuri Cath (La Trobe), "Knowledge of experience and the limits of
   - Millicent Churcher (Sydney), "Reflective Empathy as a Moral Resource"

The program is currently being finalised, and will be released soon.

You can register at the following link: Registration form

All information is available on our new website
and on our Facebook page. <http://www.facebook.com/MQCAVE>

Inquiries can be addressed to Kelly at arts.cave at mq.edu.au

Have a great day!
Macquarie University Research Centre for Agency, Values and Ethics
Department of Philosophy
Macquarie University
Sydney, NSW 2109, Australia
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