[SydPhil] Caroline West: Persons, Stages, Autonomy and Group Rights

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Dear all,

This coming Thursday’s current projects,, 3.00-.4.40 in the Muniment Room, will be Caroline West on:
Persons, Stages, Autonomy and Group Rights

A common position in liberal circles is that individuals have a right to autonomy, but group rights are unjustified. I suggest that this package implicitly relies on a controversial endurantist account of personal identity. Many contemporary metaphysicians favour a different, four-dimensionalist account, according to which persisting persons are collections of numerically distinct time slices. If a four-dimensionalist account of personal identity is correct, exercises of individual autonomy and exercises of group authority appear metaphysically on a par: each involves relations of domination among numerically distinct person-stages, justified by a unity relation. This raises an interesting challenge for liberals. Supposing that four-dimensionalism is true, what—if anything—justifies attributing a right to autonomy to individuals, while denying it to groups? I explore some possibilities; none of which seem entirely satisfactory

See you all there.

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