[SydPhil] Workshop on defining the boundaries of disease

Mary Walker mary.walker at mq.edu.au
Thu Aug 20 18:13:19 AEST 2015

*Defining the boundaries of disease*


Wendy Rogers (Macquarie University)

Mary Walker (Macquarie University)

This two-day multi-disciplinary conference will be held at Macquarie
University, Sydney, on October 15-16, 2015. Join scholars in the philosophy
of medicine, bioethicists and practicing clinicians in discussing just
where, and why, the boundaries of disease should be set.

Questions relating to what should and should not be counted as disease, and
where exactly the boundary between disease and non-disease should lie, are
critical to the provision of appropriate health care. However, these
questions have become increasingly complex with changes in medical
knowledge and diagnostic technologies. The distinction between risk factor
and disease has become blurred; common diseases have been redefined
expansively (e.g. type 2 diabetes or chronic kidney disease); and
sophisticated diagnostic tests now detect abnormalities which may or may
not have pathological implications. Where is the ‘right’ place for disease
boundaries, such that patients receive appropriate treatments to avoid
excess morbidity and mortality, while avoiding the harms of overdiagnosis
and overtreatment?

This conference engages with these questions from a variety of
perspectives, taking account of contemporary philosophical debates as well
as the practical challenges for health care practitioners when it comes to
determining what conditions are diseases.

*Confirmed Speakers: *

Lanei Alexander (Macquarie University)

Yves Aquino (Macquarie University)

Rachel Ankeny (University of Adelaide)

Stacey Carter and Chris Degeling (University of Sydney)

Nikki Coleman (University of New South Wales)

Wendy Craig (Department of Surgery, Aberdeen Royal Infirmary)

Jenny Doust (Bond University)

John Matthewson and Paul Griffiths (University of Sydney)

Patrick McGivern and Sarah Sorial (University of Wollongong)

Lynette Reid (Dalhousie University)

Wendy Rogers and Mary Walker (Macquarie University)

Harry Schone (University College London)

Thomas Schramme (University of Hamburg)

Anke Snoek (Macquarie University)

There is no charge for attendance but registration is essential for
catering purposes. To register or if you have enquiries, please contact
Mary Walker on mary.walker at mq.edu.au

For draft program, visit:
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