[SydPhil] Jeremy Moss @ UNSW philosophy seminar, 11 August, 12:30-2:00

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Tue Aug 4 11:58:17 AEST 2015

UNSW philosophy seminar

11 August 2015


Morven Brown, Rm 310

Jeremy Moss, “Exporting Harm”

Abstract: In this paper I will discuss an aspect of the problem of how to divide the World’s remaining ‘carbon budget’ - the amount of CO2-e that can be emitted if we are to avoid dangerous climate change. My paper sets out some of the factors that determine a country’s carbon budget and argues that the current methods for allocating emissions and responsibilities for their harms are inadequate and more complex than they appear.

In particular, the paper will consider several dimensions of the harm caused by unrestricted fossil fuel exports and their impact on a country’s carbon budget. First, what kind of harm is caused by such exports? Second, whether there are justifications for restricting such exports and/or whether exported emissions ought to be counted within the exporting country’s carbon budget. Third, whether unrestricted export of fossil fuel exports satisfy a ‘fair shares’ criterion.

Jeremy Moss is professor of philosophy, and director of the Social Justice Initiative, at the University of New South Wales.  He is the author of many journal articles in applied ethics, environmental philosophy, and political philosophy.  Recent books include Reassessing Egalitarianism (Palgrave Macmillan, 2014), and the forthcoming edited collection Climate Change and Justice (Cambridge University Press, 2015).
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