[SydPhil] Conference (Sydney): Nature and the Philosophy of Nature in German Idealism and Romanticism (June 15-17)

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*nature and the philosophy of nature in german idealism and romanticism*

june 15-17, 2015

the university of sydney

CCANESA Board Room, Madsen Building

Campus map: http://sydney.edu.au/maps/campuses/

Conference registration (registration is free, but required):

*Monday 15 June*

9.30-11: *Eckart F**örster, “The Idea of Philosophy as Science”*

11.15-12.45: *Dalia Nassar, “Explanation through Description: The Paradigm
of Romantic Empiricism” *

2-3.30: *Anik Waldow, **“Collapsing the Border between History and Nature –
Herder’s Argument for an Experience-grounded Philosophy”*

3.30-5: *Ryan Feigenbaum, “On Blumenbach’s Concept of Nature”*

*Tuesday 16 June*

9.30-1.30: *Workshop on Kant and the Sciences *

(papers will be pre-circulated and discussed--not read--at the workshop;
email Dalia Nassar for copies of papers. Papers will only be sent to those
attending the workshop*):

Stephen Gaukroger, “Kant and the Nature of Matter”

Anik Waldow, “Natural History and the Formation of the Human Being: Kant on
Active Forces”

Daniela Helbig & Dalia Nassar, “The Epigenesis of Reason: Kant, Blumenbach,
and Herder”

John Zammito, “Situating Kant’s Views on Epigenesis: Some Recent Revisions”

Dalia Nassar, “Analogical Reflection as a Source for a Science of Life”

Daniela Helbig, “Self-positing: Transcendental Grounds for the Empirical
Human Sciences”

1.30-3: Lunch

3-4.30: *Sebastian Gardner, “Nature in Kant’s third Critique”*

*Wednesday 17 June*

9.30-11: *Michael Olson**, “Physiologist of Reason, Philosophical
Anatomist, Philosopher: On Some Kantian Distinctions”*

11.15-12.45: *Anton Kabeshkin**, **“Is Chemistry a Science? Schelling’s
Speculative Unification of Chemistry and Mechanics”*

2-3.30: *Simon Lumsden**, “The Problem of Teleology in Hegel's Philosophy
of Nature and the Philosophy of History”*

3.30-5: *John Zammito**, “Reill’s Vitalizing Nature in the Enlightenment
and German Naturphilosophie”*

The conference has been made possible through the support of the Australian
Academy of the Humanities/The Ernst and Rosemarie Keller Award, the Faculty
of Arts and Social Sciences at the University of Sydney, the Sydney Centre
for the Foundations of Science at the University of Sydney, and the
Australian Research Council Future Fellowship of Professor Peter Anstey.

*Please email Dalia Nassar to receive a copy of the papers for the workshop:

dalia.nassar (at) sydney.edu.au
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