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History and philosophy of Linguistics reading group

Tuesday June 9, 5.30-7pm, Woolley S361.

Habermas (1976) What is universal pragmatics?

The task of universal pragmatics is to identify and reconstruct
universal conditions of possible understanding [Verständigung]
In other contexts one also speaks of "general presuppositions of
communication," but I prefer to speak of general presuppositions
of communicative action because I take the type of action aimed
at reaching understanding to be fundamental. Thus I start from
the assumption (without undertaking to demonstrate it here)
that other forms of social action-for example, conflict, competition,
strategic action in general-are derivatives of action
oriented to reaching understanding [verständigungsorientiert].
Furthermore, as language is the specific medium of understanding
at the sociocultural stage of evolution, I want to go a step
further and single out explicit speech actions from other forms
of communicative action. I shall ignore nonverbalized actions and
bodily expressions.

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